F.A.Q. - Zero Percento


01. How come I find the wording “may cause an allergic reaction” on the back of your products?

The wording “may cause an allergic reaction” is a statutory obligation that the legislature has laid down on any packaging of any product, including food, compound or formulation, even in minimal part with so-called “allergens”. It is therefore a warning that we must apply on the label by law. The intent of the legislature, but also ours, is to inform the consumer of the risks that may exist when using a chemical. All our products, in fact – though largely formulated with natural ingredients and even if they have a minimal percentage of potentially harmful substances – are considered industrial chemicals. As such it is not technically possible to dismiss some form of allergic reaction in particularly sensitive persons. On this we want to be completely transparent. Since Zeropercento products can easily come into contact with the skin, we still want to make sure the risk of skin reactions is minimized, if not completely averted. Therefore, we have carried out dermatological tests precisely for this purpose. That is why all Zeropercento products have the wording “dermatologically tested”. The result of these tests confirms there is no risk of skin irritations for any of our products except for anticondensation water-based paint for which this risk is classified as “mild”.

02. Why aren’t your products 100% natural?

According to our current level of technical-scientific knowledge, we believe that so-called “100% natural” products are not sufficiently reliable. Or, what is more likely, they aren't actually 100% natural. If some synthetic elements are eliminated altogether, such as some resins and pigments, the expected minimum level of performance of the product itself could not be guaranteed, in technical, qualitative and functional terms. Eliminating other synthetic components, such as certain preservatives or dispersants, would not guarantee adequate preservation of the product over time, and the physical and chemical characteristics of the product would become degraded and not usable. Technology, and more generally science, are always moving forward and progressing, and what is thought impossible today can become reality tomorrow. The Mission of Iris Color, with the Zeropercento range, is to offer its customers the state of the art in terms of products and solutions, in line with the goal of a healthier and safer world for all.

03. Why doesn’t your product line have a water-based paint with the wording “breathable” on the label?

Because “breathable water-based paint” is a purely commercial wording, in vogue since the 1980s only in Italy, born to highlight a positive aspect of water-based paints whose washability actually decreased. Basically, the less washable a water-based paint is (and therefore the less resin in its formula which gives it strength and washability) the more it is breathable. Over time, commercially, the word “breathable” identified a specific category of indoor water-based paints as an alternative to “washable”. Zeropercento Washable Water-based Paint represents a perfect compromise between washability and breathability. Typical compromise, among other things, of all the best water-based paints on the market. This means that our water-based paint for all environments is both washable and breathable. The same applies to anti-condensation, which is strongly characterized by a hard-wearing anti-mold capability, intended as resistance to mold growth – making it the optimal solution for all the environments and in particular for those where mold formation is most likely.

04. What does “anti-condensation water-based paint” mean and why do you not write “anti-mold”?

“Anti-condensation water-based paint” means that it is formulated to prevent the formation of condensation on the walls due to the presence of moisture and the thermal changes to which certain environments are subject and may cause the formation of mold. Writing “water-based anti-mold paint” on our Anticondensation would have been incorrect because it would have brought to mind an active action of the product to fight mold that are already present, when this is not possible. The water-based paint does not affect the walls actively, but at a preventive level, itself constituting a barrier that hinders and resists the formation of mold. Anti-mold turns out to be optimal for all intents and purposes.

05. What does “dermatologically tested” mean?

“Dermatologically tested” assures the consumer that the product has undergone a test that verifies its effects in the form of skin irritation upon contact with the skin. All products in the 0% line underwent this test and all reported a result of “zero irritated skin reaction” except for the Anti-Condensation Water-based Paint for which the test produced a result amounting to “mild skin irritation”.

06. What does “CLASS A+” mean?

Traditional paints emit many harmful compounds after drying. These compounds are considered the most dangerous, as they are breathed in by people living inside the dwelling in which the paints were applied. In recent years researchers' attention has focused precisely on reducing these “indoor” emissions. For this reason, a specific protocol regulating indoor emissions has been established in France, in which very stringent limits have been established for the different paint products. How does this protocol work? It is planned to apply the paints and, 28 days after their complete drying, a series of rigorous tests are carried out to measure the amounts of polluting compounds emitted. Since these are very specific tests and trials, they are carried out only by external and accredited laboratories. Once analyzed the quantities and levels of polluting compounds emitted, the accredited laboratory gives the product an actual grade, on a scale ranging from A+ to E. Obtaining the prestigious “A+” rating, therefore, means that the product complies with the strictest environmental limits and that, 28 days after its application, it emits a minimal quantity of polluting products. This characterizes Zeropercento as “first of the class” compared to all other traditional products on the market. Using “A+” certified products in our homes means using the best technical solution to ensure a healthy and unpolluted home and to protect all the people living there.